May 11

We were cited in the Harlem World Magazine:

April 11

Dmitri Glinski spoke on NBC News: “No one should be vandalized or mistreated just because they come from a country that has the misfortune of being ruled by a dictator who is waging this horrific war.” / Дмитрий Глинский на NBC News: “Нельзя допускать вандализм и несправедливое обращение с людьми на том основании, что они приехали из страны, которой к её несчастью управляет диктатор, ведущий эту чудовищную войну.” https://nbcnews.to/3EdVKWw


Sept. 14 – We were cited in Gotham Gazette:


July 11 – We were cited by Associated Press:


Nov. 4 – We were cited by Manhattan Times:


Nov. 1 – We were cited in Pavement Pieces (a project of New York University Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute’s Reporting New York and Reporting the Nation in Multimedia graduate concentration):

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