Our Mission & Vision

We are an educational and charitable interfaith and interethnic organization of Russian-speaking immigrants and new Americans from former Soviet and other countries, such as Israel, where Russian-speakers live. Through our educational events and other services, we aim to develop our community’s successful integration in American civil society, organizing power, civic participation and leadership development and advance immigrant rights. We raise public awareness of the legacy of the movement for the freedom of migration and other human and civil rights movements in the countries of the former Soviet Union and their relevance today, and promote collaboration with other communities in the pursuit of a more just and fair society with equal opportunities for all. 

We are doing this work in collaboration with many partners, including The New York Immigration Coalition, of which we are a member organization since 2011. We are the co-founders and the activist arm of a citywide alliance of cultural and social service organizations of immigrants from former Soviet countries – REEF (Russian-speaking & Ex-Soviet Emigre Federation). In 2012, we also co-founded a US-wide network of recent refugees, asylees and other exiles from Russia and their friends from other former Soviet countries – American Russian-speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights.